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    Metamorphous Interiors (Mi) is a team of interior design professionals, with experiences in many discipline.  After years of working, we decided to have a small designated site, aiming at the fast paste Dental office market. We hope this will ease the decision making process for the offices looking for a change. We believe dental office spaces must be inviting to its occupants, and entice them to spend more time there.  A dental office  is just a dental office, but a well-designed dental office enhances the productivity and experience of its users.

    About Mi

    Metamorphous interiors creates interior design solutions for a wide range of spaces.  Our designs are created with the needs of others in mind – the client, the engineers who design the building and the sub-trades that create the actual structure.  By retaining our firm, you will have our undivided attention as we work together with you to develop your design expectations.

    Mi’s Design Philosophy

    Our ultimate goal is to create a harmony between the space and people who use it.  Each project is approached with an open mind and creative problem solving skills, and we strive to provide solutions that satisfy every client at any budget level, using locally-sourced products whenever possible.  In short, we love what we do, and it’s reflected in our projects.

    Mi’s Vision

    To become one of western Canada’s signature multi-disciplinary design firms.

    Mi’s Mission

    To provide interior design services that create unique spaces where people can live, work and play.

    Farzad Biyouk
    Principal Designer