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    Our main focus is on renovating the reception areas. You can add more areas such as Staff Room, Manager’s Room and etc. to the design criteria and we simply add up areas to determine the final design fee.

    Sqft.: Square FootOf course, you can choose to have others to manage your construction project. We will be more than happy to provide the plans for construction.ConsultationWhether you are remodeling, renovating or opening a new office, it is always good to ask other experts’ advice. This service is aiming to give you peace of mind when making those hard decisions.

    Area Design fees Construction Management fee
    500 Sqft. or Less $5000.00 15% of Hard Costs
    Above 500 Sqft. $8.00 a Sqft. 13% of Hard Costs
    General consultation: $250.00 per hr.
    New office design consultation: $280.00 per hr.
    New office 3D visualization: $3000.00 per office
    Color scheme per room: $180.00
    Color scheme whole office: $1.00 sq. ft.
    Finishes consultation: $1.00 sq. ft.